Personal care from someone close to you

We help you to lead a life of dignity and independence, exactly where you feel comfortable - at home.

Benefits of tailored home care

Experience Carela's benefits

We help you and those around you to be able to look after you in your familiar surroundings for as long as possible – at your home.

Personalised care
Our employees offer you support tailored to your individual needs.
Stay in your comfort zone
With the support of Carela, you can enjoy the comfort of your home for longer.
Preserve your independence
Maintain independence and control over your life and promote your mental and emotional balance.
Strengthen family bonds
Knowing that you are being cared for by someone you trust and love is good for your mental health and well-being.
Budget-friendly care
Home care relieves you of high costs and at the same time ensures a high standard of care.
Reliable consistent care
You consistently have the same caregiver who understands your needs and can create and follow an adapted care plan designed with you in mind.
How does it work?

Your start at Carela as a client


Get in touch with us, by telephone or e-mail. We will contact you and clarify whether the legal and nursing framework we provide is appropriate.

Needs assessment

We come to your home and discuss the current care situation with you and your caregiver. Together we then determine the need and draw up a detailed care plan.

Care and support

We contact you regularly to improve and optimize the support. We are in constant contact with your caregiver. You can always contact us with questions. In addition, we regularly check whether the care situation has changed.

Additional services

You also have the option to choose from a growing range of services, available directly from our caregiver or on your tablet.

If any of these apply to you and you need help in your life, get in touch with Carela!

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