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Business Administrator (German & English)

The Business Administrator role at Carela is designed to assist the CFO and HR in streamlining operations related to finance, general business administration, employee onboarding and client profiles
South Africa
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Reverse Venture's portfolio company - Carela - is looking to hire a Business Administrator. Carela is located in Switzerland, but this role will be a remote working role from South Africa with a satellite office in Cape Town.

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Location: Remote (South Africa) with access to satellite office in Cape Town. Applicant must be based in South Africa.

Directly report to: Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Carela.

Carela is a start-up in the health care space focused on family care. One of Carela's goals is to enable home care provided by relatives to relatives – ultimately ensuring that anyone can receive the high quality care they deserve in the comfort of their own home. We ensure that people in need of care are cared for and that those providing the care receive support and guidance and are fairly compensated.

As we expand our horizons, we invite you to join our team as a Business Administrator. The Business Administrator role at Carela is designed to assist the CFO and HR in streamlining operations related to finance, general business administration, employee onboarding and client profiles. You will work closely with our internal teams, ensuring effective communication and documentation handling.

The ideal candidate will have expertise in accounting, business administration, and invoicing.

There is a non-negotiable request that the candidate is Fluent in German.

Duties and areas of responsibility:

  • Assist the CFO with day-to-day financial tasks including processing of invoices, expense tracking, and budgeting.
  • Draft, review, and finalise contracts for new employees, ensuring compliance with company policies and legal standards
  • Maintain a database of active contracts and ensure timely renewals or terminations as applicable
  • Create, update, and manage client profiles on the Nexus system (training will be provided), ensuring accurate data entry and timely updates
  • Collaborate with sales and nursing teams to ensure client satisfaction and address any Nexus-related queries
  • Act as a point of contact for communication with clients, employees, and other business stakeholders via phone and email
  • Facilitate effective communication between the CFO, HR, and other departments, ensuring timely response and resolutions
  • Conduct thorough quality checks on documentation such as contracts, financial reports, and client profiles
  • Ensure that all documents adhere to Carela's standards and policies
  • Handle general administrative duties including scheduling meetings, managing calendars, and ensuring smooth day-to-day operations
  • Assist HR in administrative tasks related to employee onboarding, training, and performance evaluations
  • Operate cross-functionally in the business with a willingness to adapt to evolving business needs, taking on new responsibilities as Carela grows and evolves
  • Stay updated with best practices in business administration, finance, and HR to bring innovative solutions to the table


  • Fluent in both German and English
  • Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Accounting, or related field
  • Previous experience in accounting, business administration, and invoicing
  • Comfortable with using Microsoft Office Suite and similar digital tools
  • No prior experience with Nexus required

Key Skills:

  • Detail-oriented
  • Excellent communication skills in both German and English
  • Utilise Microsoft Office Suite, especially Outlook, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, to create, edit, and manage documents
  • Collaborate cross-functionally using digital tools and platforms to streamline operations and communication
  • Organisational skills with the ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously
  • Take initiative and have a proactive approach
  • Ability to adapt to a startup environment, demonstrating flexibility and resilience

What You Can Expect from Us:

  • Manage your day to match your personal and professional commitments.
  • Work remotely or choose to use our satellite office in Cape Town.
  • Colleagues with good manners, a willingness to help, and a great sense of humour.
  • Regular feedback, continuous education, training, courses, and certifications.
  • Enjoy a positive working environment where you're encouraged to be your best self.

Salary is competitive and denominated in USD.

If you believe you fit this profile and are enthusiastic about joining a fast-growing startup, we'd love to hear from you! Please contact

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