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Carela strives to form a network in which medical, nursing and general support services for people in need of care are offered comprehensively. Join us in bridging the gap between professional healthcare and home comforts.

Benefits of being a Carela partner

Transforming Healthcare Delivery

We want to redesign the healthcare system by bringing together healthcare facilities, nursing staff and patients, as well as all the services that people in need of care need to master their everyday lives.

Cost optimization
Significantly reduce cost of hospitalization or long-term residential care and promoting a more cost-effective healthcare system, while acknowledging the need to stay close to home and to be cared for, especially in difficult times.
Better patient relations and coaching of the environment
Increased patient satisfaction improves the image of the healthcare system and your institution, strengthens patient relationships and improves your reputation in your community. We help you to provide your services directly at the patient's home.
Proactive health management
The home caregiver plays a crucial role in the early detection of health problems and the delivery of preventive measures, thereby reducing emergency visits and complications, conserving resources and improving the overall health of the community.
Community integration
The Carela model promotes health awareness, creates a health-conscious society and thus relieves the entire health system in Switzerland.
How does it work?

Get involved in better patient care

Enter into a partnership

We can create a customised partnership that leverages your unique skills and interests. This may include financial support or other forms of support.

Resources and expertise

Improve the quality of nurse education and patient care by providing resources or expertise directly in patients' homes in partnership with Carela.

Performance analysis

Participate in the collection and analysis of data and other important metrics. Use this information to evaluate the success of our program and guide your future collaboration.

Patient referral and care coordination

Refer eligible patients or caregivers to Carela. Work hand-in-hand with our nursing staff to coordinate patient care plans, follow-up care, and emergency management.

Advocate and raise awareness

Increase the reach and impact of the program by promoting Carela to your customers and the public.

Become a Carela partner!

If you recognize your institution in any of the categories above, we encourage you to reach out to us and support us in our mission to revolutionize home care.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are our responsibilities and obligations within this partnership?

As a key partner, you can become part of this community by contributing to the funding and contributing your own resources or expertise where appropriate. For example, you can help with patient referrals, participate in nursing staff training, or help create care plans. We also hope for your support with data feedback and outreach to raise awareness of the possibilities of home care.

What measures are being taken to ensure the best possible care for patients?

We have introduced strict quality assurance measures. All nurses participating in our program are thoroughly trained and regularly evaluated. Our model is based on a patient-centric approach that ensures personalized and quality care.

How does the home care model affect patient outcomes, satisfaction, and overall health compared to conventional care?

Our home care model aims to significantly improve patient outcomes. The comfort and familiarity of one's home greatly increases happiness, leading to an improvement in overall health. In addition, patients generally feel less stressed, which has been shown to have a positive effect on recovery and well-being.

To what extent is the program aligned and compliant with all relevant healthcare regulations and standards?

Our program strictly adheres to all relevant regulations and standards in the Swiss healthcare system. We continually update our policies and practices to keep pace with changing cantonal laws and healthcare best practices to ensure the highest standards of care are always maintained.

How often are updates or reports on the progress and impact of the program provided?

Our partners are regularly informed about the progress and impact of the program. These quarterly reports contain key metrics such as patient outcomes, cost effectiveness and any relevant news about our program. This allows you to assess the effectiveness of the program and make informed decisions about continuing to participate.