Empower independence and optimal care at home

We are strengthening family care so that those in need of care can stay at home independently and longer.

Your partner for home care
A caregiver helping a happy elderly woman using a walker.
Capable support in every situation
Equitable pay
What do we do

Carela builds a network between those in need of care, relatives, nursing staff and health facilities.

We provide you with the necessary knowledge so that you can optimally care for your relatives. Our support is individually tailored to your specific situation.

Nursing as a rewarding calling

You receive a regular income with all the usual social insurance and possibly BVG. Your benefits are financed by health insurance.

Quality medical standards

We support you where you want and need it. We provide access to specific assistance, training and development programs that give you the opportunity to grow.

Our mission

Our goal is to create a system that works together to provide quality care at home. We use existing healthcare facilities, care standards and guidelines to enable people to care for their loved ones at home.

Our goal is to ensure that people in need of care are cared for and that the carers are not overwhelmed, but rather supported and paid fairly. At the same time, we want to enable patients to live their lives independently within their own familiar home.

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How does it work?

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Carela empowers ordinary people to care for their loved ones by providing care advice, support and compensation
Home care
Aging swiss population want care at home
Medical institutions
We offer the possibility of medical services at home. With this support, it is possible to receive therapy and monitoring at home.
Our goal is to help you remain independent in your familiar surroundings for as long as possible
By bringing together healthcare facilities, caregivers and patients, we strive to redesign the healthcare system and provide needs-based support at home
Who we can help

Do you or those around you need help with home care?

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Independence in everyday life
We'll help you manage your loved one's daily chores, from mealtimes to taking medication and more. We ensure that their life remains active and diverse in their familiar environment.
Basic care
We support you in ensuring high-quality care and support; during the day, including individual medical care and personal hygiene. The independence of your loved one is always the focus.
A rewarding calling
You will be compensated for your work. We take care of the account management with the insurance companies and private social security contributions (AHV, IV, UVG and BVG). So you can fully concentrate on providing care.
Central contact person
You will have a nursing specialist at your side who will support you from the start, train you and advise you in your journey of providing "nursing care".
The benefits

Want to find out more?

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Receive support tailored to your needs when caring for your loved ones

You receive a monthly income. We will explain the remuneration structure and payment modalities and support you in all administrative tasks.

Become a caregiver

We support the person who cares for you at home on a daily basis and help them to be up-skilled

Secure long-term optimal care where you feel most comfortable - at home.

Become a patient

Help us to revolutionise Swiss healthcare

Determine if your institution is eligible to partner with Carela. Help us to make the "virtual nursing home" at home a reality.

Become a partner
We have been working with healthcare system institutions throughout Switzerland for more than 20 years and have looked after many patients, clients and relatives. We have known the family care model since inception.






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