Nursing becomes a rewarding calling

With Carela, you're never alone in taking care of your loved ones

Benefits of being a carela caregiver

Embrace the rewards of caregiving with Carela

Nursing as a rewarding calling
You receive a regular income made up of health insurance benefits, cantonal contributions and individual benefits. They are secured and financed by social security and, if necessary, by occupational pension schemes (BVG).
Job satisfaction
We are aware that we can significantly improve the life of the person in need of care by making sure that they can live longer independently in their own home.
You can devote all of your time to caring for your loved one without the pressure of other commitments. Our support concept takes your individual situation into account and supports you in doing so.
Skills and training
Nursing is more than caring - it requires a professional approach. We offer you access to advice, training and development programs that give you the opportunity to develop further.
Emotional well-being
Thanks to a regular income, you can fully concentrate on caring for your loved ones. It's no longer just a side job, it is your profession.
Community connection
Become part of a growing community. Here you will find like-minded people who understand your beliefs, share your passion and support you in this.
How does it work?

Your start at Carela as a relative


Get in touch with us, be it by telephone, via the contact form or by e-mail. We will contact you immediately and clarify whether the legal and nursing framework for our support is given.

Needs assessment

During a meeting at your home, we will discuss the need for care and determine this together. Possible supportive training and coaching options are also discussed.

Employment contract

After Carela has checked the prescription with the doctor, an employment contract will be sent to you to sign. You can sign this and start immediately.

Feedback, support and training

Depending on your individual needs and wishes, we put together the support program you need. We start where it is necessary and sensible for you.

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